Spiral Dough Mixer

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Discover the versatility of Timco Machinery’s Dough Mixers, available in various liter capacities to perfectly match your business needs. Choose from options like single or double speed, mechanic or digital control, and chain, belt, or chain and belt transmission. Customize features such as timers, emergency controls, and safety guards according to your preferences. Each mixer is equipped with a reliable hook for optimal performance.

Operating Timco Machinery’s dough mixers is effortless, ensuring stability and high efficiency. Load ingredients into the bowl, start the process, and add materials during operation. The mixer automatically stops if crucial accessories, like safety guards, are not correctly in place, ensuring a secure working environment.

Customization is available for Timco Machinery. Tailor the color, voltage, and safety features to your specific needs, with a flexible minimum order quantity requirement.

Product Details


  • Wide range for capacity from 20L to 100L.
  • Chain and gear transmission.
  • Double speed, double action operation.
  • Durable and easy to clean.

Specification of Spiral Dough Mixer

Model Bowl Flour
Voltage Power Dimension(mm) N.W
HS20 20L 8kg 220V/380V 1.5kw 730*390*900 90kg
HS30 34L 12kg 220V/380V 1.5kw 750*435*900 100kg
HS40 45L 16kg 220V/380V 3.0kw 800*480*970 115kg
HS50 54L 20kg 220V/380V 3.0kw 850*510*970 125kg
HS60 64L 25kg 220V/380V 3.0kw 850*510*970 130kg
HS80 80L 33kg 380V 3.2kw 880*560*1100 250kg
HS100 100L 40kg 380V 4.1kw 1080*650*1380 340kg



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