Dough Sheeter

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Dough Sheeter,  the ideal bakery equipment for effortlessly rolling out dough to your desired thickness. This versatile machine ensures quick and efficient production of smooth and uniform dough sheets, perfect for a variety of culinary creations.

Whether you’re crafting pizza crusts, flatbreads, pie crusts, pastry dough, or cake fondant on a large scale for your business, our Dough Sheeter is designed to meet your needs. With the ability to handle different types of dough, this machine guarantees consistent results with every use.

Choose the perfect fit for your kitchen with our Dough Sheeters, available in both floor and countertop models. Our range includes various styles and sizes, allowing you to select the most suitable option based on your specific requirements.

Product Details


  • Folding structure design, saving space.
  • Table type and Standing type could be choosed.
  • Sheeting thinnest, spreading equally.
  • Suitable or crisp food and spreading dough.

Specification of Dough Sheeter

Model Power Voltage Type Conveyor Belt Size Thickness Range N/W Dimension
TMDS-380T 0.4KW 220V Table Type 380*1380mm 0.5-38mm 100kg 740*1680*620mm
TMDS-400T 0.4KW 220V Table Type 400*1600mm 0.5-38mm 110kg 740*1740*620mm
TMDS-450T 0.55KW 220V Table Type 430*1700mm 0.5-38mm 117kg 780*1770*620mm
TMDS-520T 0.55KW 220V/380V Table Type 500*2000mm 0.5-38mm 125kg 820*2080*620mm
TMDS-450 0.55KW 220V/380V Standing Type 430*1800mm 0.5-38mm 170kg 1100*2350*1180mm
TMDS-520 0.55KW 220V/380V Standing Type 500*2000mm 0.5-38mm 190kg 1100*2550*1180mm
TMDS-650 0.75KW 220V/380V Standing Type 630*2400mm 0.5-38mm 225kg 1100*2950*1180mm



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