Digital Egg Tart Tartlet Shell Machine

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This Tartlet Machine is used to bake individual tartlet shells made of sweet or savory short-crust pastry or puff pastry, with various shapes of moulds and solid stainless steel body.






110V, 220V





Product Details

Detail Introduction:

The Tartlet Shell Machine is an innovative bakery appliance designed to efficiently bake batches of flawless miniature tart shells in minutes. Powered by versatile dual heating technology, the tart shell machine delivers artisanal pastry shop quality right on your countertop. It’s engineered to help small-scale shops dramatically multiply output while reducing labor costs.

  • Whole body is stainless steel 304, easy to clean and anti-rust.
  • Press and bake simultaneously, only needs 3-5 minutes.
  • Interchangeable plates with more than 100 different shapes.
  • Separate temperature control for upper and lower plates for a perfect baking.
  • Digital control panel for timer and temperature.
  • Adjustable baking time with automatic countdown.
  • Sound signal at the end of baking time.
  • Oil leak at the back side.
  • OEM & Customerize shapes for moulds is acceptable.

Interchangeable Tartlet Shell Molds

You can bake different shapes tartlet shells with only one machine. It’s very easy to change the plates.

How to change the tartlet shell molds plates?

There are 4 screws on the corner for upper and lower plates, only needs to twist them, the original plates could be dispatched. Then put the new plates on and twist each 4 scews tightly, it’s done!

How to change the molds plate for tartlet shell machine?


Video for How to make egg tart tartlet shell with tartlet shell making machine?


Links for Digital Tartlet Molds

tartlet machine molds

Recipe of Portuguese Tart Shell

Flour – 150 grams

Sugar – 150 grams

Eggs -3 eggs, about 180g

Butter – 150 grams

How to make porttuguese tart shell?

  1. Sift flour into bowl
  2. Add sugar and mix well
  3. Add eggs and mix together
  4. Add softened butter and mix into a dough paste
  5. Put the dough into tartlet shell machine, press it and wait for several minutes.

Recipe of Traditional Tart Shell

Flour – 250 grams

Icing Sugar – 30 grams

Butter – 150 grams

How to make traditional tart shell?

  1. Sift flour and icing sugar
  2. Dice chilled butter and mix into flour
  3. Roll out into tart pastry


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