Automatic Dough Divider And Rounder Machine

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Automatic dough divider and rounder machine, designed to simplify the manual tasks of splitting and rounding dough. This innovative machine ensures consistent results, producing uniformly weighted and shaped dough for various baked goods like bread, rolls, tortillas, and pizza.

Constructed with stainless steel blades and rings, our dough divider guarantees durability and hygiene. Different models can divide and round the dough into 10-36 pieces per batch, with a high production rate of 6-8 seconds per batch.

Invest in our dough divider to streamline your baking process, achieve product uniformity, and save valuable time in the kitchen. Experience the perfect balance of precision and convenience with our advanced dough processing solution.




220V, 380V





Product Details

Detailed description:

  • Divides and rounds dough fully automatic
  • Produces 10-36 pcs dough balls at a time
  • Wide range for dough dividing could be choosed: 20-300g
  • Dough weights and sizes are adjustable
  • Thermal overload protection prevents overheating
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel separating blades
  • Motor is manually started for user control
  • Large base lessens vibration to ensure quiet operation


Different Models could be choosed

Model Capacity Dough weight Voltage Power Size(mm) N.W
TMDR-36 36 pcs/time 20-70g 220/380V 0.75KW 600*530*1580 485kg
TMDR-30 30 pcs/time 30-100g 220/380V 0.75KW 600*530*1580 485kg
TMDR-26 26 pcs/time 50-140g 220/380V 0.75KW 600*530*1580 485kg
TMDR-16 16 pcs/time 100-200g 220/380V 0.75KW 600*530*1580 485kg
TMDR-10 10 pcs/time 200-300g 220/380V 0.75KW 600*530*1580 485kg



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